Military Prepares to Detain U.S. Citizens, Documents Expose ‘Internment Procedure’

Military Prepares to Detain U.S. Citizens, Documents Expose ‘Internment Procedure’

There is growing concern among military personnel surrounding the authoritarian mandate that will force a needle into the arm of all active duty, reserve, national guard and even any contractors tied to the U.S. Armed Forces. We’re all over this, because that concern, of course, is shared by the citizens of our country as we watch high-ranking commanders praying that someone, anyone, will stand against the seemingly unlawful order that would force an emergency authorized experimental potentially dangerous or even deadly injection into the bloodstream of over 2 million men and women. I received a text message from an officer in the military who reportedly had a phone call with a policy official, and on that call it was said that a meeting will be held today at the Pentagon, as this mandate has sparked controversy, and is highly contested.

The military is our last defense against enemies foreign and domestic, which is why we understand the critical importance of their operations. Patrick Howley is the Senior Reporter at National File with breaking information on military action of tremendous concern, and he joined Stew to discuss.

The UK government is busted — a leaked slideshow presents them psychologically targeting young people and the elderly with cynical tactics to boost vaccine rates.

The globalist coercion to get people vaccinated is targeting children: free backpacks in Phoenix, creepy voicemails in Philly:

A friend came home tonight to this message on the answering machine. Listen to the very end. They keep pushing and pushing to see our line in the sand @SilentWarRoom @TuckerCarlson @RandPaul @AlexBerenson @burningplat @RealCandaceO @HowleyReporter @ChanelRion

— Eowyn (@pilatesisgreat) July 24, 2021

They are targeting us door to door using Census data.

The military is requiring the vaccine (and unvaccinated West Point cadets are put in solitary confinement, as we reported). This Biden Defense document shows the military coaching soldiers to report other soldiers for suspected white supremacy.

The Army National Guard is recruiting for the job of Internment/Resettlement Specialist. Military documents refer to “civilian internees” and procedures for detaining U.S. citizens.

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