Democrat San Francisco Has Stopped Enforcing The Law

Democrat San Francisco Has Stopped Enforcing The Law

What if you ran a city that almost had no law? And the laws it did have, it didn’t enforce. Sounds insane, right? Nope, it’s happening in a major city in America and the voters want it to happen. This is the reality in Democrat-led San Francisco.

Democrat voters knowingly chose as their District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a man whose parents were communist terrorists and who not only never renounced their ideology and actions, but who has publicly praised them for their criminal activities. This is not just a case of family loyalty. Boudin has decided that the American idea of law enforcement is racist. So he refuses to enforce the law anywhere in the city, especially when it comes to crimes against property. Who gets hurt? The same voters who elected him. They apparently enjoy political S&M. Who benefits? Thieves and organized crime.


San Francisco’s bold experiment in legalising crime continues to bear fruit

— Ed West (@edwest) July 6, 2021

Comments across the city bear out the indictment: Democrats want crime to flourish in San Francisco.


“This is really bad. I’ve been in the Bay area 20 years, I’ve never seen this,” a local security guard, J.C. Hernandez, told press. “It’s just lawlessness,” he continued. “People are just openly coming in and stealing stuff.” Another local employee told media: “It’s getting worse and worse.” California Retail Association President Rachel Michelin said the problem “blows your mind away.” She said millions of dollars worth of goods are being pinched in San Francisco and the cash is going to organized crime.

Shoplifters aren’t stealing “one or two items that someone might need to get by,” said San Francisco Police Department spokesman Robert Rueca. “Our investigations have shown that there are organized fences where people are selling these products that they steal.”

Adora Gipson, a San Francisco resident, opined, “People don’t want to leave their stuff out because they’re afraid someone is going to snatch and grab it…These people are hard-working people,” Gipson continued. “They have been here for years. A lot of shops had to close during the pandemic, so to try to reopen and get back on track, it’s hard and they are afraid.”

Gipson, an employee at National Car Rental, said, “We get broken windows every few minutes. We got like 30 cars now that’s with broken windows here because people have experienced the smash-and-grab thing,” Gipson told press.

“It has definitely gotten a lot more aggressive over the past couple years. People are very, very bold in their shoplifting tactics is what we’ve seen recently” a local worker told media. Another San Francisco resident, Michael Navid, said: “They casually walk in, grab what they need, and walk out.” A San Francisco business owner remarked about car break-ins. “It goes on from morning to night every single day, over and over and over again. Nobody is doing anything about it.”


Maneet Sohal, who owns a family business in Fisherman’s Wharf, said, “police do not do anything about it.” Why should they? Most they arrest will not be prosecuted. This is the kind of city San Francisco voters desire. They deserve every consequence of it.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 22, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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